Organic & Customized Meal Prep

Experience the difference of  personalized meal prep with your own personal chef!  Eating healthy is a form of self- love & we want you to taste the love we put into our food.

Power Foods Meal Prep

Welcome to Power Foods! We are a local meal prep company that delivers to local customers in Los Angeles, CA. We prepare fresh, organic meals with mouthwatering sauces to make your life easier! Just heat & enjoy!

Why Power Foods?

We use the highest quality ingredients; organic, wild caught, pasture raised and local (Los Angeles, California) when available.

We’re fresh! We cook twice a week and your meals are good for 5 – 7 days! No preservatives here!

The sauce! Ohhh, the sauce!

Variety! Even if you have your favorites, we provide many different options to keep you satisfied!

Power Foods Meal Prep
Power Foods Meal Prep
Power Foods Meals

Organic. Fresh. Customized.

We currently offer our Balanced Meals, so you get to choose what you want individually. When you are ready to order, simply select the Choose Your Individual Meals option and then make your  selections.

We also offer meal plans (Fertility, Anti-Inflammatory, & Mediterranean) as well as Family- Style Meals! 

Our menu changes weekly! New meal selections are available at noon PST on SUNDAYS.